Friday, July 22, 2011

Rockhoppers Items

Rockhopper has brought us some new items! Check them out!

Here is the hidden item! Ship in a bottle! It costs 355 coins!

Island Adventure Extras

At the Hidden Lake you can buy a Blue Crab Costume for 50 coins near the ladder.

Then when you put on the crab outfit you can play a game! You have to find out which pearl is in which shell!

To the right of the crab you will see a jacket. That is the Commander Jacket. What it looks like when you are at the hidden lake.

Island Adventure 2011 Cheats

Hey! I would post pictures to help you with the Cream Soda Scavenger Hunt but I already did it. xD. So I will tell you how to do it!

Step 1: Go to the pizza parlor and behind the counter will be a note. Click it. After you read it go to the Migrator like it says.

Step 2: When you get to the Migrator go into the Ship Hold. Right near the Captains Quarter's Door will be a note on the wall. It will give you an Eye Patch. Then go to the Ice Berg

Step 3: When you get to the Ice Berg you will need to chase the red crab around until it disappears into the tree. Then a telescope will appear near the Squid shadow. You will receive a telescope. Then go to the Dock.

Step 4: When you get to the Dock there will be a ship. A box will fall on it and break it. You must put it back together. Once you are done there will be a feather near the water. You will receive it and be sent to the forest.

Step 5: When you get to the forest climb the tree and there will be some drums. you must play them in this exact pattern. (I'm going in order from left to right) First, Second, First, Third, Fourth. Then an egg will hatch in the nest in the top left of your screen. You will receive a key and be sent to the Cove.

Step 6: When you get to the cove you will need to put on your hardhat and drill on the big red X. When you finish barrels of Cream Soda and a treasure chest with a hat will appear. Then you will receive a hat and be done!

~ Ming
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